International Focus Programme (IFP)

"In an interconnected world, international education opens doors to diverse perspectives and limitless possibilities." 

-Universal Baccalaureate

Experience the world through the International Focus Programme (IFP) at Universal Baccalaureate (UBacc) Schools.

IFP equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to thrive in an interconnected world and offers a comprehensive cross-cultural experience and global exposure. IFP empowers students to become global citizens who can navigate the complexities of our increasingly interdependent and multicultural society. 

Importance of IFP

This program is specifically designed to broaden students' perspectives, enhance their cultural understanding, and nurture their global competence. Through a range of carefully curated activities, such as international exchange programs, multicultural events, collaborative projects with partner schools abroad, and participation in global conferences, IFP equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. By fostering an appreciation for diversity, promoting intercultural dialogue, and encouraging open-mindedness, the IFP empowers students to become global citizens who can navigate the complexities of our increasingly interdependent and multicultural society. At UBacc School, we are dedicated to nurturing students' international-mindedness and preparing them to actively engage with global challenges and opportunities. 

"International education isn't just about learning facts; it's about fostering a deep respect for humanity's shared journey." 


Activities in IFP

Exchange Visiting Faculty Programme (EVFP)

The Exchange Visiting Faculty Programme at UBacc is a mutually beneficial initiative that offers a multitude of advantages for both visiting faculty members and the host institution. 

For visiting faculty members, the programme provides a unique opportunity to engage in a rich cross-cultural experience. They can immerse themselves in a new educational environment, gain insights into different teaching methodologies and practices, and broaden their perspectives by interacting with students and faculty from diverse backgrounds. The exchange allows them to enhance their pedagogical skills, expand their professional networks, and gain valuable international teaching experience. Moreover, they can contribute their expertise and knowledge to the host institution, enriching the academic environment and fostering a global learning community.

For the host institution, the Exchange Visiting Faculty Programme brings fresh perspectives and expertise from renowned educators. Visiting faculty members bring their unique teaching methods, research insights, and diverse cultural experiences, which can positively influence the institution's academic programs and teaching practices. The exchange also promotes intercultural understanding, fosters global connections, and strengthens the institution's international reputation.

Language Immersion Programme (LIP)

The Language Immersion Programme (LIP) at UBacc is an immersive educational initiative crafted to offer students a profound experience in a foreign language and culture. This program is specifically designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to practice and enhance their language skills in a real-life setting, fostering fluency, cultural understanding, and intercultural competence.

The Language Immersion Programme allows students to break down barriers of language learning and build confidence in their language abilities. They have the chance to communicate with local community members, navigate daily life situations, and explore cultural landmarks, thus gaining a profound understanding of the language in its cultural context.

By participating in the Language Immersion Programme, students develop not only their linguistic proficiency but also their intercultural communication skills, adaptability, and global awareness. They acquire a deeper appreciation for different cultures, perspectives, and ways of life. This immersive experience empowers students to become effective communicators and global citizens, equipped with the language skills and intercultural competence necessary to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

"To have another language is to possess a second soul." 

- Charlemagne 

International Service Learning Projects (ISLP)

International Service-Learning Projects (ISLP) of UBacc provide students with a unique opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations while gaining a deeper understanding of other cultures through direct interaction and service. These projects can take many forms, such as working with local organizations to address social and environmental issues, participating in community development projects, or providing assistance in healthcare or education.

Our students engage in a variety of activities, such as volunteer work, cultural excursions, and language classes, in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of the local community and culture. This allows them to not only provide valuable service but also to learn from the community they are serving.

Participation in International Service-Learning Projects offers numerous benefits. For instance, it provides the opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of life, as well as to develop practical skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. It also provides the opportunity to make a positive impact in communities around the world, contributing to the development and sustainability of those communities.

Moreover, International Service-Learning Projects also provide opportunities for personal growth and development, such as improved cross-cultural communication skills and increased self-awareness. Through interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds, students gain a deeper understanding of their own values and beliefs, as well as those of others.

Study Abroad Programme (SAP)

UBacc school provides comprehensive guidance to students seeking to pursue their education abroad through our study abroad programme. UBacc schools are committed to helping students achieve their academic and career goals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in a globalized world. 

In addition to our study abroad programme, UBacc School also offers guidance to students seeking vocational training opportunities abroad. We understand that vocational training can be a key stepping stone towards a successful career, for example Ausbildung, or vocational training, is an important part of the education system in Germany. It is a dual education system, which means that it combines both theoretical education at a vocational school with practical training in a company. Ausbildung programs typically last between two and three and a half years and cover a wide range of occupations, including crafts, trades, and service industries.

One of the key benefits of an Ausbildung program in Germany is the opportunity to earn a recognized qualification in a skilled trade or profession, which can lead to stable employment and career growth. Additionally, Ausbildung programs are often funded by the government, which means that students can receive a salary while they are training.

To apply for an Ausbildung program in Germany, students must typically have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, and some programs may have additional requirements. It is important to research the specific requirements for each program, as well as the application deadlines and process.

At UBacc, we believe that every student should have access to quality vocational training opportunities, regardless of their location, and we are dedicated to making this a reality through our services. 

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Studying abroad expands that passport." 

- Malcolm X